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Weight Loss Experts - Lap Band, Gastric Sleeve

When you choose True Results, you put yourself in the most compassionate and qualified hands in the surgical weight loss industry. True Results is America's #1 Lap Band provider because we have the most experienced weight loss surgeons, have performed more than 30,000 procedures, and we offer the most comprehensive and individualized care.

From the moment you visit one of our specialized surgical weight loss centers in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, PhoenixTucson, St. Louis or Atlanta True Results experts are there to guide you every step of the way towards weight loss for good. Many of our staff members have had the lap band procedure and they provide unique, personal perspectives on why they chose a minimally-invasive, outpatient, weight loss procedure.

Weight Loss Surgery Insurance Verification

Take advantage of our Free Insurance Verification Service to evaluate what options you may have with your current health insurance policy. We offer a Free Individual Appointment which can also be scheduled on this website (see the scheduling form on the right hand side of this page). At the consultation, you will meet with surgical weight loss experts who can answer all of your questions regarding a procedure.

5 True Results bariatric patients tell their actual weight loss success stories. This video features five actual patients and their True Results Weight Loss Success Stories. 

True Results offers Sleeve Gastrectomy

At True Results, we are continuously evaluating new procedures to determine if they would be appropriate for our patients. For some patients we believe that Gastric Sleeve surgery is the appropriate solution. As specialists in outpatient weight loss procedures, we are also able to offer this alternative in our specialty outpatient surgery centers as well as through our affiliated hospital partners. The sleeve gastrectomy procedure is currently available in all True Results markets.

Let's Get Started!

Thank you for considering True Results as your weight loss provider. We are excited about the opportunity to meet with you and welcome you into the True Results family. Please visit our Getting Started guide now to begin learning more about a weight loss procedure from True Results.

Dr. O'Brien's Corner

Find weight-loss research, articles and tips from True Results National Medical Director Dr. Paul O'Brien - the world's foremost expert on obesity and the Lap Band. .


  • What’s for Dinner with the Lap Band?

    A Look at What Foods I Eat on My Lap Band Diet

    A lot of us who have had weight problems over the years have a love/hate relationship with food. We love all kinds of delicious foods, but we hate what eating too much of it does to us. When I got the Lap Band nine years ago, I was sick of what the food I enjoyed (too much) was doing to my health, and I was tired of constantly trying to lose the weight, keep it off…and failing.

    Will you feel deprived?