What Will The Lap Band Journey Really Be Like?

An Insider’s Look at Adjusting to Life with the Lap Band

If you’ve read my blog entries here at TrueResults.com before, then you know I lost 90 pounds with the Lap Band nine years ago. So I can tell you that it works. But I can also tell you something even better: what it’s really like.

What the Doctor Can’t Tell You

There’s all that stuff they tell you at the doctor’s office, and you could read almost non-stop about the Lap Band on the Internet. But knowing how it works is one thing, and understanding how it will change your life is a whole other conversation.

I’ve been in your shoes, so I thought it might help some of you out there who are about to embark on your Lap Band journey to understand what it’s going to be like to live it, breathe it and experience it every day.

The Lap Band Journey

At True Results, we talk about the weight loss with the Lap Band as a journey, and maybe that sounds a little hokey, but it really is true. It’s a process, it takes time and there are different stops along the way. So let me take that analogy and run a little wild with it to help explain the Lap Band experience.

You’ve Arrived in a Strange New Land

For the first three months or so after Lap Band surgery, you’ll feel a little like you’ve arrived in a foreign country. You feel excited, but a little nervous and unsure of yourself too. There’s a new language to adjust to and local customs that can seem odd. It’s strange and new, but exhilarating. And the good news is that, while it’s foreign, you haven’t completely left the planet!  You also will arrive with a good map and a travel guide. You’re not the first to do this, and there are experts to help you out at the nearby embassy – your doctor’s office.

After Surgery: Getting Over Jet Lag

In the first few days after Lap Band surgery, you’ll spend some time healing. Just as if you had jet lag, your energy will be a little low, but after the first week or two that will go away. With the help of your after-care provider, you’ll be learning how to eat the Lap Band way and getting used to a new way of doing things.

The First Three Months: The Happy Tourist

After about three months or so, you’ll feel more at home, but still like a tourist. In fact, you’re excited! You’re beginning to find your way around in this intriguing new land. You’re getting your rhythm on eating differently and exercising more, and you may see as much as 20 to 30 pounds come off. And THAT is exhilarating!

Feeling Homesick?

For others, it may take a little longer to get used to this new way of living. It could take a little longer for the weight to come off, and you may feel frustrated. Or, maybe after a while you hit a plateau. You might feel a little homesick for your old way of living from time to time. It’s okay, and it’s normal to have some ups and downs as you adjust.

Your Support Network

Now is a good time to reach out to others that have moved to this strange new land and benefit from their experience. Join a support group, learn from others and enjoy having the camaraderie of others going through exactly what you’re going through. And never hesitate to reach out to the people who have a wealth of knowledge to help you – your after-care team.

Your New, Improved Home

One day, you’ll wake up and realize you have reached your goal weight, and you will be so proud of yourself. It may even sneak up on you, because your Lap Band way of life has become such a natural part of who you are. You’ve reached a new stage of your Lap Band journey – you’ve adapted to your surroundings and made yourself a comfortable new home.

I can tell you that that’s a thrilling place to be. My Lap Band way of life is a natural, healthy and everyday part of how I now live my life. I was able to bring along some of my favorite things from my old life – including daily chocolate! – but I have settled into and really enjoy living what is no longer a foreign experience, but a part of me and who I am proud to be.

Want to know more about taking this journey with the Lap Band? I’m here to answer your questions. Shoot them my way in the comments section…

- by Melissa Jensen

True Results Patient Advocate

May 4, 2011


Photo by sanja gjenero


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