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Cheanna lost over 100lbs with Lap Band from True Results

Before Lap Band surgery my health was in a downward spiral. I had high blood pressure, arthritis and physically could not perform simple daily activities. I could not walk for long periods of time, even grocery shopping was difficult. My blood pressure was getting worse each year and the extra weight aggravated my arthritis.

The biggest disappointment however, was that I couldn't even play with my children. I tried dieting, extra time at the gym, and meal replacement shakes. The diets worked for a while, but the weight kept coming back. The increased exercise caused my painful arthritis to flare up and the shakes always left me hungry. I wanted to be active and enjoy outdoor activities with my family again.

My defining moment occurred when I realized that my medications were more expensive than my grocery bill. I needed a permanent solution, that's when I decided to lose the weight and change my life for good. I consulted my physician and he suggested Lap Band weight loss surgery. I'd heard about the Lap Band and actually had a few friends that had been successful losing weight and keeping it off with the Lap Band. I decided to learn more. After researching several facilities and physicians, True Results seemed to have the most experience team of surgeons and best aftercare program available. That is what I wanted!

My True Results patient advocate and Dr. Fox (my surgeon) were very educated about the Lap Band procedure and made me feel very comfortable. They answered all of my questions and eased my concerns. True Results worked directly with my insurance provider to get my procedure covered. In March 2010, I got my band. I was surprised at how quick and easy the surgery process was. I had surgery after lunch and was home before dinner.

Life with the Lap Band has exceeded my expectations. I knew I would feel better after losing the weight, but I didn’t realize I would feel like a teenager again. It has been a wonderful experience from start to finish and even today. Many people ask me how I have been able to keep the weight off. I tell them I owe my success to the wonderful True Results Aftercare program and the support groups. The Aftercare team helps me stay focused on my short term and long term goals. In addition, they provide invaluable information and advice along the way to help me succeed.

My advice to anyone struggling with their weight or considering weight loss surgery is to research your options first, then call True Results. My visits with True Results prior to surgery were always enjoyable, educational and pressure-free. They answered every question I had and made me feel like I had a partner to lean on in my weight loss journey. I now play with my kids and smile every day.

Thank you True Results for giving me my life back.