How do I know if I qualify for gastric banding?

The Lap Band is FDA approved if you are at least 18 years of age, have a BMI of at least 30, have a history of being overweight and made some attempts at weight-loss. If you meet these general criteria, you may be qualified to have the Lap Band procedure performed at one of our surgery centers. While a medical evaluation is still required, you can try our BMI Calculator to learn what general category applies to your current weight and height. You can also give us a call today at 1-800-324-2694 to speak with an experienced specialist regarding your BMI and any relating circumstances relating to other important factors such as age, weight and insurance coverage.

  • What’s for Dinner with the Lap Band?

    A Look at What Foods I Eat on My Lap Band Diet

    A lot of us who have had weight problems over the years have a love/hate relationship with food. We love all kinds of delicious foods, but we hate what eating too much of it does to us. When I got the Lap Band nine years ago, I was sick of what the food I enjoyed (too much) was doing to my health, and I was tired of constantly trying to lose the weight, keep it off…and failing.

    Will you feel deprived?