What Is The Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery?

True Results offers Gastric Sleeve weight loss surgery in all markets, which includes: Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Tucson, Phoenix, St. Louis and Atlanta.

Sleeve gastrectomy is a surgical weight-loss procedure in which the stomach is reduced to about 20% of its original size. During this procedure, a thin vertical sleeve of stomach is created using a stapling device, and the rest of the stomach is removed. The sleeve is about the size of a small banana.  It is a restrictive procedure, because it restricts the amount of food a person can consume because the size of the remaining stomach is small.

This procedure limits the amount of food you can eat and helps you feel full sooner. It allows for normal digestion and absorption. Food consumed passes through the digestive tract in the usual order, allowing it to be fully absorbed in the body.

The majority of sleeve gastrectomy procedures are performed using a laparoscopic technique, which is considered minimally invasive. This procedure can be done in an outpatient, same-day surgery center or an inpatient hospital setting.  Laparoscopic surgery usually results in faster recovery, smaller scars, and less pain than open surgical procedures.

Sleeve gastrectomy can lead to significant weight loss and improved health.

The Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery - Video Presentation

Sleeve-Gastrectomy -Visual-IllustrationTo find out more about how the Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery is performed, watch this video presentation by Dr. Paul O'Brien, the Medical Director for True Results.

Dr. O'Brien is not only a clinical leader at True Results, he is also recognized around the world as one of the foremost authorities on the Lap Band procedure and weight loss surgery.  He is also a prolific researcher and publisher of informational articles on the benefits of both procedures. 

In most cases, the Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure can be performed using advanced laparoscopic technology in one of our specialty outpatient surgery centers.  For patients who have insurance requirements or medical conditions that would require the surgery to be performed in a hospital setting, True Results is affiliated with leading hospital systems and our expert bariatric surgeons can perform the procedure in that setting. 

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure:  

Advantages Of The Sleeve Gastrectomy

  • Quicker weight loss in the first year
  • Less risk of nutrient deficiencies than Gastric Bypass
  • Does not involve moving the intestines from one place to another

Disadvantages Of The Sleeve Gastrectomy

  • Risk of a leak or bleeding along the staple line or "seam"
  • The narrow pouch can kink, fold, or become blocked in some other way
  • Over the years, the narrow, tubular stomach could expand and with this additional capacity, the patient could eat more and potentially gain weight
  • The long term outcome of weight loss will not be known for several years as this is a newer procedure.

As with any surgical procedure, it is very important to understand all of the risks and benefits associated with the procedure.  That is why we offer Free Individual Consultations at our centers.  At these consultations our team of experts will discuss the pros and cons of each type of bariatric procedure.  That way, you will have the information you need to make your decision about weight loss surgery.

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