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If you live in or near Austin, Texas and are looking for lap band surgery options, you've come to the right place. True Results Lap Band Austin offers same-day, outpatient Austin Lap Band solutions.

If traditional diets and exercise programs have failed you, then there's no better time than now to find out more about Lap Band Austin from True Results. Contact us today to get started.

Free Insurance Verification Service. Most insurance plans have coverage for bariatric weight loss procedures including the Lap Band. Our expert insurance negotiators work directly with insurance companies every day -- and know exactly what questions to ask to make sure you are able to take advantage of all the benefits your plan offers.

Attend one of our Free Individual Consultations in Austin to learn more about how the Austin Lap Band procedure can help you achieve weight loss for good.  At the Individual Consultation, you will meet with a Lap Band Patient Advocate, who is an expert in bariatric procedures.  Our Patient Advocates are also lap band Austin patients, so they can tell you from personal experience how the lap band procedure changed their lives.  They can also discuss and help you determine the payment method that best suits your situation – from insurance to financing. 

Gastric banding, commonly known as a Lap Band procedure, was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for safe and effective weight loss. It is a silicone band – like a ring or belt – that is placed around the upper part of your stomach. It is designed to place a precise level of pressure on the nerves around the upper part of your stomach so they send signals to your brain that you are not hungry. Because the band also constricts the upper portion of your stomach, you will eat less food at one time and still feel satisfied.

True Results Lap Band Austin System

Lap Band AustinThe Lap Band Austin system includes a small access port that is safely placed under your skin. The port is not visible and it is unlikely that anyone will know you have the band, unless you tell them.

The band is adjusted by adding or removing saline through this access port with a small needle to ensure it continues providing optimum weight loss results. True Results has the most experienced team of weight loss surgeons in America and pioneered performing this procedure in an outpatient setting.

To learn more about the Lap Band Austin procedure schedule your Free Individual Consultation today. To learn more about laparoscopic banding, visit

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Dr. Alex Esquivel has been providing surgery services in Austin since moving from Omaha, Nebraska, in 2001, where he held the position of Assistant Professor of the Department of Surgery at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.
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    A Look at What Foods I Eat on My Lap Band Diet

    A lot of us who have had weight problems over the years have a love/hate relationship with food. We love all kinds of delicious foods, but we hate what eating too much of it does to us. When I got the Lap Band nine years ago, I was sick of what the food I enjoyed (too much) was doing to my health, and I was tired of constantly trying to lose the weight, keep it off…and failing.

    Will you feel deprived?