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True Results is your before-during-and-after prescription for lasting weight-loss. We know that it takes more than a pill or a one-size-fits-all program to achieve lasting weight-loss — and we know because we’ve been there.

Our Patient Advocates, and many other True Results team members, are Lap Band patients, so they get it. They understand the benefits of weight loss surgery and our world-class, customized program.

From the moment you come in for your initial consultation until the day you reach your healthy weight loss goal, True Results is there to provide you with customized care through every step of our program. Losing weight is so important to your health and your life that we strive to be the most compassionate experts in our industry.

The goal of True Results is to help change peoples' lives through our weight loss procedures.

Primary features of our unique weight loss program include:

  • Education to help you achieve long-term success
  • Insurance and financing assistance so you can get started on your journey today
  • Physical exam, diagnostic testing and medical history review to make sure a weight loss procedure is safe and appropriate for you
  • Your weight loss procedure, performed by one of the most experienced surgeons in the country O
  • ur world-renowned Aftercare program that includes regular check-ups, Lap Band adjustments when applicable, continuing weight-loss education and ongoing personalized support


The decision to have a weight loss procedure is a big one, and True Results offers a great way to get all of the information and encouragement you need to make the right choice with our free, informational individual appointment service.

At your appointment you will meet with a True Results Patient Advocate who can answer all questions and has extensive knowledge of the True Results Lap Band program. Our Patient Advocates provide valuable feedback as they are also weight loss surgery patients themselves. They know, first-hand, how it feels to be exactly where you are right now, and they are one of your very best sources of information and support.

Your Free Individual Consultation includes:

  • General overview of the Lap Band, Gastric Sleeve or other weight loss procedure
  • Initial evaluation of candidacy for surgery (e.g., Body Mass Index - BMI)
  • Detailed review of your insurance benefits and preferred payment options (if available)
  • In-depth explanation of your preferred weight loss procedure and how it compares to other bariatric procedures
  • Meet a Weight Loss Patient Advocate who has achieved lasting weight-loss
  • Q&A

Diagnostic Evaluation:

Our outstanding safety track record is, in part, a result of our complete pre-operative medical evaluations. Our highly trained staff members will review your medical records and perform appropriate tests, which may include: blood work/labs, psychological evaluations, cardiac clearance and any other tests deemed necessary by your surgeon or healthcare professional. Your safety is our first priority, so we take every step necessary to make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Insurance Approval:

Helping you make the Lap Band or other weight loss procedure procedure achievable is part of our commitment to your success. In fact, we have a team of people who do nothing but that. They are your partners — your allies — working on your behalf to obtain approval from your insurance provider. If your current insurance plan does not cover weight loss surgery, your Patient Advocate will help you explore your financing options.

Medically Supervised Weight-Loss Program:

Many insurance carriers require the completion of a 3-12 month medically supervised weight-loss program before approving you for the Lap Band or other weight loss procedure. Our medically supervised weight-loss program satisfies insurance carriers' approval requirements and provides you with a medically sound program, putting you on the path toward lasting weight-loss for life.

Visits with Surgeon:

You’ll meet with your surgeon before your procedure to answer any questions you may have about your procedure. Two to four weeks after the procedure, you will visit with your surgeon for a routine follow-up. Most True Results patients are asked to return for follow-up visits every 6-12 months on a case-by-case basis.

Aftercare Program:

Designed by world-renowned Lap Band pioneer, Dr. Paul O’Brien, our Aftercare is a comprehensive program that tends to the unique needs of each bariatric patient. Our success rate has proven that expert follow-up care managed by highly trained healthcare professionals is the key to long-term weight-loss.

Aftercare includes:

  • Consultation with a nurse practitioner to review current health status, satiety and weight-loss progress — and keep you on track toward reaching your goals
  • Education and support for issues regarding nutrition, exercise, social interaction, etc.
  • Adjustments to the amount of saline fluid in the Lap Band, providing customized levels of satiety (if necessary)
  • Regular updates sent to your surgeon, primary care physician or other healthcare specialists as needed
  • Opportunities to connect with other Lap Band patients and healthcare professionals, like in-person support groups and online forums — both excellent places to share experiences, as well as find information, ideas, support and encouragement