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New study finds that bariatric surgery beats nonsurgical approaches to weight loss.

Source: LA Times, Melissa Healy

While diet and exercise are available to all, bariatric surgery is likely to remain a solution available to just a small fraction of the 90 million Americans who are obese. But when it comes to inducing weight loss and improving obesity-related health conditions, a new study has found that there really is no contest between the two: Procedures such as gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric banding beat diet and exercise. By a long shot.

Lap Band Insurance Coverage

Most insurance companies will pay for the Lap Band from True Results

Our expert insurance negotiators have helped thousands of patients get the insurance coverage they deserve. 

  • Do I still have time to get weight loss surgery this year? If you want to have the procedure completed this year, we need to submit your insurance information now! Many insurance companies require weight loss visits before they will give you final approval for your Lap Band. So there’s no time to waste. We are experts at putting together required documentation for your insurance company so you can get your procedure before plans renew in January.

What’s for Dinner with the Lap Band?

A Look at What Foods I Eat on My Lap Band Diet

A lot of us who have had weight problems over the years have a love/hate relationship with food. We love all kinds of delicious foods, but we hate what eating too much of it does to us. When I got the Lap Band nine years ago, I was sick of what the food I enjoyed (too much) was doing to my health, and I was tired of constantly trying to lose the weight, keep it off…and failing.

Can weight loss surgery lower high blood pressure?

What You Need to Know About Hypertension & Weight Loss Surgery

If you’re struggling with your weight, there’s a good chance you are at risk for or experiencing high blood pressure. One out of three American adults have hypertension, and more than two-thirds of adults in our country are overweight or obese. Think there might be some pretty big overlap in that group? You’d be right.

What Will The Lap Band Journey Really Be Like?

An Insider’s Look at Adjusting to Life with the Lap Band

If you’ve read my blog entries here at TrueResults.com before, then you know I lost 90 pounds with the Lap Band nine years ago. So I can tell you that it works. But I can also tell you something even better: what it’s really like.

How to Choose a Weight Loss Surgery Surgeon

Questions To Ask When Selecting a Doctor for Your Weight Loss Surgery

The tips and advice offered in this article relate directly to the Lap Band weight loss procedure, but the principles can be applied for any weight loss surgery type.

With so many Lap Band surgeons out there to choose from, it can be hard to select the right doctor for your gastric band surgery. You want someone qualified and experienced, but also someone who you like and feel confident about. But how do you narrow down your choices?

The Easy Way to Start Exercise After Lap Band Surgery

A Guide in 10 Simple Steps

If you’ve never exercised or it’s been a long time since you got up and moving, it can be really intimidating. And if you’re starting out significantly overweight, it can be even more challenging. You may get out of breath easily and find it hard to move around.

Intimidated? Scared?

Unsure About the Lap Band? Take the First Step.

There’s an old saying: “The first step is the hardest.”

So true, so true. And your Lap Band weight loss journey is no different.

It’s easy to decide to do something good for yourself. You can say it in your head: “I’m going to lose the weight.” See, wasn’t that easy? But actually doing it is a whole other matter. The desire may be there, but you may feel overwhelmed, unsure or even scared.

Or all of the above.


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