Weight Loss Surgery Resources

Facebook Fan Page

  • If you are interested in meeting folks online who have a weight loss procedure from True Results, we would like to recommend our Facebook Fan Page. You can join this wonderful community of people who have made the life-changing decision to achieve weight loss for good.


  • Contains general information from Apollo Endosurgery, Inc., the manufacturer of the Lap-Band® System.


  • Lap Band FAQs and forum dedicated to combating the obesity epidemic in America today.

Band Buddies Support Group

  • Support group for those with the Lap Band or who are considering the procedure.


  • A large site containing a wealth of information on obesity and other health problems.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

  • Great place to find research on bariatric surgery and gastric banding studies.

Central Texas Support Group

  • Message board and support group serving Austin and Central Texas.


  • Free online weight-loss and diet journal.

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

  • Site featuring information for patients and the public.


  • This site provides a gateway to women's health information resources developed by the Department of Health and Human Services, other Federal agencies, and private sector resources and covers over 800 topics.

American Society for Bariatric Surgery

  • The largest society for bariatric surgeons and allied health professionals.


  • The site provides easily accessible government information on nutrition, healthy eating, and food safety.

American Diabetes Association

  • Site provides an extensive amount of information pertaining to those living with Diabetes.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • This website hosts a variety of topics relating to obesity and other health issues.

NAASO: The Obesity Society

  • The leading scientific society dedicated to the study of obesity.